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Listed here are links to full texts of published and unpublished work between 2018 and 2014. At the end of the page are also the original full texts of ‘old favourites’.

Where my own versions of published material are posted, the text and page numbers are as in the original publication.



Researching the intercultural: intersubjectivity and the problem with postpositivism. Published in Applied Linguistics. with Malcolm MacDonald


Designing a course in intercultural education. Published. Intercultural Communication Education 1/1.

‘I already have a culture.’ Negotiating competing grand and personal narratives in interview conversations with new study abroad arrivals. Published. Language & Intercultural Communication 18/2, with Sara Amadasi

Postmodernism. Published. In Kim, Y. Y. (Ed), International Ecyclopedia of Intercultural Communication, New York, Wiley

A grammar of culture: a brief description

Native-speakerism. Published in Liontas, J. (Ed.), TESOL encyclopaedia of English language teaching, Bognor Regis, Wiley


Negotiating competing narratives and discourses of culture. Presentation to the Language & Intercultural Communication Theme Group, CCCU

Block and thread intercultural narratives and positioning: conversations with newly arrived postgraduate students. Published. Language & Intercultural Communication17/3, with Sara Amadasi

Recognising what English language students bring to the classroom: autonomy, authenticity and Web 2.0

Phd students, interculturality, reflexivity, community and internationalisation. Published. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.


Revisiting intercultural competence: small culture formation on the go through threads of experience. Published. International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE). Volume 1, issue 2, pages 1-13

Difference and awareness in cultural travel: negotiating blocks and threadsPublished. Language & Intercultural Communication 16/3, pages 318-331. Special issue edited by Ana Beaven and Claudia Borghetti, Perspectives and discourses on student mobility and interculturality

Appropriate methodology: towards a cosmopolitan approachPublished. In Hall, G. (Ed.), Routledge handbook of English language teaching. London: Routledge. 265-277.

University of Bologna Linguistics Circle: Talking about the intercultural: interviews, narratives, creative engagement

Studying culture. Published. In Research methods in intercultural communicationWiley, pages 23-36, edited by Zhu Hua

Cultural travel and cultural prejudice. Published in Aquino, M. B. & Frota, S. (Eds.), Identities: representation and practices. Lisbon: CELGA-ILTEC, identityUniversity of Coimbra. 25-44.


Native-speakerism: Taking the concept forward and achieving cultural belief. Published. In (En)countering native-speakerism: global perspectivesPalgrave, pages 9-19, edited by Anne Swan, Pamela Aboshiha and Adrian Holliday.

Researching discourses of culture and native-speakerism. Published with Ireri Armenta. In (En)countering native-speakerism: global perspectives, pages 26-41


Intercultural awareness for young learners. TESOL Applied Linguistics Interest Forum blog based on my presentation at TESOL in Portland 2014

Using existing cultural experience to stamp identity on English. Elements of this paper are now incorporated into Unit A.2.2 of the 4th edition of Intercultural communication with Hyde & Kullman

Shared experiences, expanding cultural horizons, and problematic discourses

Innocent and ideological discourses of culture

Researching multilingually – large and small languagesSee also the powerpoint presentation

Helsinki – Towards interculturality

Harrogate IATEFL – Learning technologies and claiming the world

Old favourites and requests

I post these articles with some caution because they show earlier thinking and concepts, but nevertheless worth looking at with a critical eye

Submission, emergence and personal knowledge: new takes, and principles for validity in decentred qualitative research. In Shamim, F. & Qureshi, R. (eds.), (2010), Perils, pitfalls and reflexivity in qualitative research in education, 10-30. Oxford University Press Pakistan.

Interrogating the concept of stereotypes in intercultural communication, in Hunston and Oakley (eds.) (2009), Introducing Applied Linguistics: concepts and skills (London: Routledge)

Native-speakerism, English Language Teaching Journal, 2006. A brief summary of the concept that is elaborated in The struggle to teach English as an International Language, Oxford 2005

How is it possible to write? Journal of Language, Identity & Education, 2005, 4/4, 304-9. An explanation of how someone from a privileged, Centre-Western background is able to write about cultural and linguistic imperialism – because I have lived the origins of the prejudices involved and therefore understand their deeper workings

Small cultures, Applied Linguistics, 1999. The core thinking that was later developed into my grammar of culture

Six lessons, Language Teaching Research, 1997. This analysis of lessons in India and China explores the deeper principles of how ‘communicative’ teaching works and doesn’t work

Developing a sociological imagination: expanding ethnography in international English language educationApplied Linguistics, 1996. My first reference to critical cosmopolitanism, which is a major basis for later work

The house of TESEP and the communicative approach, English Language Teaching Journal, 1994. A summary of the original appropriate methodology argument. Should be treated with great caution

Intercompetence: sources of conflict between local and expatriate ELT personnel, System, 1992. A segment of my PhD research and an early example of an ethnographic study of the professional conflict that later led to the native-speakerism concept