Videos and podcasts

Kent, 2017 – Arriving at discourses of culture: research trajectory, choices and data

Beijing, 2015Grammar of culture, creative non-fiction, blocks and threads

Interview with Zhao Liang at the IALIC conference, answering questions from her junior English major students about using Understanding intercultural communication at the English Department, Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou. Filmed on her phone by Wang Jingyun, Peking University

TEFLology interview – Appropriate methodology and social context

Warwick, 2015Revisiting appropriate methodology

Helsinki, 2014 – Intercultural communication between China and the rest of the world 2013 – Intercultural communication and its implications for practice

Guanajuato, Mexico 2013 – Talking to English teachers about the cultural contribution of their students

The discussion here is written up in Using existing cultural experience to stamp identity on English and the TESOL AL Forum.

Hyderabad, India 2013 – Teacher Education Conference

QuiTE annual seminar 2011 – Maintaining standards in international English language education