Returning to recent writing

I’m returning to a piece of writing I started in April and then had to leave because of other commitments. Since then my ideas have moved on as a result of more recent research – mainly the stuff about blocks and threads. Now I have a new deadline to finish this by the end of the month, after having negotiated more time some time ago.

The original text is not bad at all, based on the paper I gave in Malaysia, and trying to use a more personal voice; and I can see now how to complete the paper as it stood at that time – better than I could then. But how can I go ahead and not get my new ideas in. They don’t change things. They add a new layer that gives much more sense.

I have to work at this. Something better must come out of it.

It helps me to write this. Perhaps being able to put the actual problem itself into writing is the thing to do.

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